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A Wiki for the Home-Nostruktor

This Wiki is the result of an initiative of designers for the railway simulation software EEP and the associated model building tool, the Home Nostructor. The Wiki replaces the previous user manual for the Home Nostructor. The platform for this Wiki is provided by the copyright holder of EEP and Home Nostructor, Trend Verlag.

In this way, the collected knowledge about the construction of models for EEP is to be made available in a central location - visible to everyone - in a bundled form. The knowledge collection was deliberately designed as a wiki, because users and designers are invited to participate in the continuous improvement and updating. The goal of the open and flexible platform as a wiki is also to eradicate representations of outdated concepts and procedures. Therefore, the articles in this Wiki usually do not take up model building chronologies, but concentrate on the actual state of the Home Nostructor 15 or EEP15ff.

Because this Wiki has also become the target of trolls and bots, access to editing must unfortunately remain limited. Nevertheless, suggestions and additions are highly welcome. Practice has shown that this is possible without further ado via common platforms (forums, direct contact to editors, etc.). The progress achieved so far has already benefited greatly from this informal form of input from outsiders.

The editorial staff is also open to the cooperation of other colleagues.

Because the Wiki is still under construction and incomplete in some respects, users of the Home Nostructor can also find answers to their questions on the platform Mein EEP Forum.


This translation is made from members of the editorial team with help of online translation sites. But english is not our native language, so excuse mistakes and feel free to give us tips for better phrasing.

The editorial community of this Wiki

Dieter Bauer
Christopher Etz
Rudolf Fey
Peter Sagert
Hans-Ulrich Werner


The team would like to thank all those who support this Wiki with constructive criticism, their own contributions and further commitment.


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