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The english version of the Wiki for the Home Nostruktor for EEP ist just in work. We expect the first contents in the next few months and will try to fulfill it until end of 2019 at least on the level of the german Wiki.
If you find any mistakes or want to translate a part of the german Wiki (also into french), then feel free to contact us in the forum (www.eepforum.de).

Thank you to all, who help us to translate the german textes and make the translation better,

2019, March, the Wiki editorial team:

Christopher (cetz (CE1)), Dieter (Serpentiner63 (DB2)), Domi (Domi), Uli (hw1)
(in brackets the name on www.eepforum.de)

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1 Introduction

1.1 A Wiki for the Home Nostruktor?
1.2 What is the Home Nostruktor?
1.3 Quick Start for Advanced Users

2 General Concepts of the Home Nostruktor

2.1 What is a project?
2.2 What is a Model?
2.3 What is an Object?
2.4 What is an axis?
2.5 What is a Kon-File?
2.6 What is a Texture?
2.6.1 Transparency
2.6.2 Plastic appearance through bump mapping / normalmaps
2.7 Notes on representation
2.7.1 Calibration of the screen
2.7.2 Backface-Culling
2.7.3 Reflection
2.7.4 Simulation of Image Errors
2.8 What is LOD and what is it used for?
2.9 How does lighting work?
2.10 How does sound work?
2.11 How does animation work?

3 Other tools

3.1 Excel files for calculations]
3.2 Image editing
3.3 3D Modeler
3.4 Sound Editing
3.5 Text Processing with PDF Output

4 Dialogues of the Home Nostruktor

4.1 Create new project or object]
4.2 Working with projects or objects
4.2.1 Add Object
4.2.2 Project properties
4.2.3 Ini files of the model
4.2.4 Instances settings
4.2.5 Nesting of axes
4.2.6 Move axes
4.2.7 Export of the model as 3dm
4.3 Working with Kon files
4.3.1 Vertex properties
4.3.2 Create copies
4.3.3 Add texture
4.4 3D Viewer
4.5 shortcuts

5 Specifications / Standards / References

5.1 Norms and Specifications of the real model
5.1.1 Platform dimensions
5.1.2 Track standards Rail profiles Gauges
5.1.3 Buffer
5.1.4 Signal standards
5.1.5 Standard offset for road vehicles
5.1.6 Railway Epochs RAL colour reference]
5.2 Recommendations for the design of 3D models
5.2.1 Model building guidelines
5.2.2 Performance-friendly model building for EEP
5.2.3 The Seven Golden Rules
5.2.4 Formula of the Rendering Pipeline
5.3 Reserved axis names
5.4 External ini file of models
5.5 Internal ini-file of models
5.6 Lighting and light IDs
5.6.1 The lighting system for signals
5.6.2 The lighting system for vehicles
5.7. Storage system for models: scanning, folders and categories
5.7.1 Paths: Roads Splines
5.7.2 Paths: Track objects (tracks)
5.7.3 Paths: Track objects (roads)
5.7.4 Paths: Track objects (tram tracks)
5.7.5 Paths: Railway objects (waterways)
5.7.6 Paths: goods (mobile load)
5.7.7 Paths: Real Estate
5.7.8 Paths: Landscape features
5.7.9 Paths: Railway rolling stock
5.7.10 Paths: Road rolling stock
5.7.11 Paths: Rolling Stock Air Traffic
5.7.12 Paths: Rolling Stock Shipping
5.7.13 Paths: Rolling Stock Machines
5.7.14 Paths: Signals
5.7.15 Paths: Horizons
5.7.16 Paths: companion files
5.8 Model icons
5.9 Country code

6 Procedures

6.1 General information
6.2 Textures
6.2.3 Spray Textures
6.2.4 Create your own cubemaps
6.3 Construction of real estate
6.4 Construction of landscape elements
6.5 Construction of track objects
6.6 Construction of splines]
6.7 Construction of rolling stock
6.8 Construction of floating objects
6.9 construction of animations
6.10 light and light effects]
6.10.1 Flares
6.11 Use of Sounds
6.11.1 Sounds in Real Estates
6.12 Export from different construction programs
6.12.1 Export from Cinema 4D
6.12.4 Export from AC3D
6.12.5 Interface/X-File IMPORT]
6.13 Prepare model installation
6.14 Upload model for signing

7 Tutorials and Instructions

7.1 Short tutorial city house
7.2 3D - Spline Tutorial
7.3 Tutorial LOD function
7.4 Tutorial to create a swap texture
7.4.1 Change textures for own needs
7.4.2 Well made Textures for EEP Models
7.4.3 Texture Creation Guide
7.5 Tutorial to create a *.dds file

8 Glossary


10 Language Reference


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